We Need FarmsParticipate in our 2020 biomass buyback

WE ARE BUILDINGA Supply Chain From Seed To Sale

We are a consumer brand company offering a lineup of hemp infused beverages. We need to know what goes into our products has been grown and sourced under our network of approved farms.


We have an extensive need for auditability for our hemp infused products from seed to bottle. As a result, we need to source reliable farms to partner with to satisfy our demand.

Exclusive genetic strains with high yielding CBD content.
Superior cultivation team with decades of experience growing hemp.
Capitalize on harvest with forward purchase contracts.
Win-win strategic planning to ensure footprint in competitive arena.

A NEED FOR EXCELLENCEMaximize Your Ability To Monetize

We can provide the needed guidance to build out a robust hemp farming operation.

Forward Purchase Contracts

We offer predetermined forward purchase contracts for qualified consulting clients. Now you can begin farming hemp with the comfort of knowing you have a buyer in place BEFORE you harvest.

Predetermined purchase contracts based on CBD content.
Mitigate post-harvest market risk.
Obtain low-cost seed with a forward purchase contract.
Indoor or outdoors farming operations considered.

Want to become one of our 2020 buy back farms?


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